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The greatest aid to a hypnotist is expectation.

If a client believes that hypnotist he/she is to see, will be a qualified hypnotist, then there will be an expectation that they can and will be hypnotised. This is especially true in the stage hypnotism area, as the audience attending the show, expect to see people on stage perform funny acts, and those that go up onto the stage to be part of the show, expect to be hypnotized. The main problem here is what does the client expect?

It is the hypnotist's function to place the client in the correct frame of expectation and understanding of what will be happening. Often the client comes with misconceptions that he/she will go into a sleep like state in which they will have no knowledge, or memory of their session under hypnosis.

Another misconception is, the client believes that the hypnotist will have control. This understanding needs to be corrected in the initial stages of the first meeting. This is where the rapport and trust is built between the parties, be it a one-to-one session or a mass induction.

The environment in which the session is to be held has also a great influence on the outcome of the session. The room should neither be too cold or too hot. The atmosphere should be clean and noise level at a reduced level although this in effect has no bearing on a successful outcome in practice. Any noises above and beyond normal can be utilised to induce an altered state and also to incorporate into the session either as part of a story or metaphor, or to deepen the hypnotic state. For example the hypnotist could say:-

“As you listen to my voice, other sounds will become insignificant just for this time, as the more you hear these sounds the more they will help you relax.”

To help in the expectation state the client can be shown a special chair which is the hypnotic chair which when people sit in this chair they can easily enter into a hypnotic state. This can be easily framed or set-up at the outset when the client first meets the hypnotist, as he/she says:-

“Welcome, please take this seat; you know people who sit in this chair find that it is easy to enter into a deeply relaxing trance.”

For a stage act, chairs are already placed upon the stage in a row, possibly ten, which invited guests to be part of the show, are asked to sit in.

Often used in the background is hypnotic music which again adds to the ambiance and relaxing state of the room lowering the lights giving a darker room is often useful.

Once the session is under way and the client has gained the trust and realizes that he/she will at all times be in control and that the session will be a very pleasant experience the induction can continue. Who said that the session had not already started as many presuppositions will have been put in place such that:-

  this will be a pleasant experience a relaxing time a time for change

The hypnotist will have a prior knowledge of the outcome to achieve, or through the initial meeting/setup found the outcome. He will also formulate a method appropriate to the needs of the client. It is often the case that the hypnotist, may not at the commencement of the session, have no pre plan of which hypnotic intervention to use, and it is a mark of a good hypnotist to be adaptable and resourceful to help clients to their outcomes.

With correct language, a client is led into a relaxing state, which can only enhance a deeply hypnotic state. Such words as:-

·         In a moment, I will be asking you to close your eyes, and take a deep breath in, and some people find that you can relax into a deep state of trance.

·         As you sit there, listening to my voice, people have found that the mind follows what I say easily and safely as you can now let go into a deep trance like state as you close your eyes as you take a deep breath in………………

Often, it has been found that the outcome the client has made an appointment for, has been dealt with prior to the hypnosis session, with the use of complimentary methodologies such as NLP, coaching, counseling, or just plain talk, but the beauty of the hypnosis session as an add-on, is that, it will become a reinforcement, a convincer, and a chance to put in-place a post hypnotic suggestion. A post hypnotic suggestion for the client to achieve, can be either upon a pre defined occurrence, for example having a shower, or as a general up-lifting of such things as confidence or self esteem. A predefined occurrence could be for example, that each time the client takes a shower, pre supposing that the client showers on a regular basis, that he/she will get an serge of confidence, and as the shower water washes the body, that all the unwanted things (deliberately ambiguous) will be washed down the plug hole, being replaced by good states and feelings.

Although not required, but where available a very comfortable chair is provided, not so comfortable that the client passes into an actual sleep. If a seat is not available, a client can be hypnotized in a standing position. It is obviously wise that during the session in a standing session, that the hypnotist makes suggestions that the client is “stable”, “safe” and “in control”. In a pre hypnotic session, whilst working with a client in a standing position, it has been found that asking the client to close their eyes and take three deep breathes, imagining a certain situation, a hypnotist can place a client into a deep trance like state, without the client being aware that any induction has been made.

Appropriate music can be played in the background, not loud enough so that the client is distracted, and not so soft that the client struggles to listen to it. The music can also be used by the hypnotist to pace the rhythm of delivering the session talk. If the session is decided to be an authoritarian or passive, then the hypnotist should choose the appropriate music.

Whichever induction method is used for an induction, Dr Flowers, progressive relaxation etc, the voice and state of the hypnotist is paramount. The tone of the voice should either be authoritarian or relaxed, but whatever style would appropriately used, care should be taken to use downward inflected words to convey instructions, “ I want you to close your eyes” , with the word “eyes”  at a lower tone than the other words. For words which are to be used to convey questions, then upward inflection should be used,

The state of the hypnotist should be that that he/she wishes the client to enter into, i.e. relaxed. For, after gaining rapport with the client the hypnotist can guide the client into a hypnotic state, by entering one themselves. As the hypnotist induces the trance state, the voice should be made slower to match guide the clients state and breathing.

On bringing the client back from a hypnotic trance like state, the hypnotist will change their tonality and speed of delivery to reflex a happy, joyful and wide awake state, not before placing any posthypnotic suggestions, including those that will tell the client that:-

“the next time you wish to enter a deeply relaxing, hypnotic trance like state, you will find it will be easy to go much deeper than before.”

For a client to have a good experience of hypnosis, expectation is paramount, along with trust and confidence in the hypnotist, surroundings and environment.






Phillip Holt

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PHILLIP HOLT - Your Whole Mind Mentor

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Phillip is a licensed Master Practitioner, Business Practitioner and Trainer with the Society of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), an accomplished hypnotist, being a Board Certified Hypnotherapist of the National Guild of Hypnotists and a NGH Certified Instructor, a Certified Trainer for PhotoReading to absorb 25,000 - 30,000 words per minute, and a Certified Trainer with Buzan Centres for Mind Maps.

Trained by Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Breen, Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies Corporation, Buzan Centers, Ormond McGill, and Jerry Valley, and with over thirty-five years in the computer industry, computerising businesses in many sectors and countries, Phillip has been able to combine his unique skills to take to the general public and business world as a whole.

Phillip provides training in the UK, China, Italy, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Middle East, and Malaysia, and has given talks to many bodies, including Rotary International, Chambers of Commerce, and special interest groups. He also co-produced the highly successful Masters Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Seminar held in Central London.

Phillip has appeared on Channel 4 providing a two day course for Stage Hypnosis, broadcast in 2003, on Discovery Channel and Granada TV in a program of extra-ordinary people as an NLP expert, filmed by ITV for Remote Viewing, provided a twenty minute interview for Business Matters for Sri Lanka TV, and for Resonance 104.4FM Radio, was interviewed live for one hour on NLP. Phillip also is often asked to give after-diner talks on a variety of subjects.

Phillip now commutes with his wife Mee Len, between their homes in Kingston upon Thames in the UK, and Penang in Malaysia, so that he can facilitate the many calls for NLP, Accelerated Learning, and other training that have developed worldwide, including the Middle East, Europe, Sri Lanka, and China. More.

Phillip is an accomplished PADI Master Scuba Diver, and often uses stories as metaphors in his work. See some of his underwater photographs by clicking here, and visit the Magic Castle used in his hypnotic inductions.


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