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Is it not time now, to start a  new way, putting behind you the phobias, fears, habits and those things that stopped you getting on with life? In one easy session, work with Phillip Holt for a change.





Here are a few comments from people, and examples of what Phillip Holt with NLPNOW has achieved.


1 Low esteem, panic attacks and confidence.

Sonal had led a successful fun packed life until four years ago, she developed panic attacks, low esteem, lost her confidence and thus her life and friends. She was unable to go out, even to her favourite place, the Bluewater Shopping Centre.

After Phillip and Sonal had worked together one morning, she has been to her favourite place, Bluewater, stating "my whole life was given back to me thanks to a very kind person....I feel very optimistic towards life and am enjoying myself once again,'s like a miracle and magic." She has her life back in a new positive way.

2 Presentation Skills

A Lucky Penny keying, Karen's gift from Washington DC.

Karen, a holder of a PhD in science, was given my name to help her with her presentation skills. Karen works for a software company, and she must demonstrate a very sophisticated package, answering highly technical questions on a one to one or group presentation basis. We worked together for a couple of hours, on differing ways of presenting the information, but specifically on herself, on her confidence, her self esteem, her realisation that she was the expert, and that she can handle any situation. She had to make a high-powered presentation in Washington DC (USA), to a group of potential customers and her American employers. She beamed with delight when we met again on her return to the UK, having had made a successful presentation.

3 Flying

Sue had developed a fear of flying that was so bad, her doctor had prescribed, beta blockers and tranquillizers. Brian, her husband, had booked a holiday in New York, and Sue was getting worse day by day. She called telling me of the problem, and it was obvious from her voice that the tablets were not suiting her. We met one the Friday evening prior to her Saturday flight, and we worked together. Needless to say Sue went to the USA the next day, and as Brian says in the postcard,
"The journey went well, Sue even said that she was "excited" as we took our seats on the 747!!"

 4 Flying

John contacted Phillip, and they met one afternoon. Within a short period of time, after the work was done, John left thinking of his holiday to come in Grenada, not convinced that Phillip had done his work. Phillip has done this before, and knew all was well. The postcard reproduced here says,
"Had a great flight, watched two films, eat dinner and read, I was relaxed the whole flight. I wasn't convinced it was going to work until I stepped onto the plane then I just became totally relaxed, thanks again."

 5 Flying

Lynda is a owns a consulting and repair company for specialist plastic extrusion machines, and with her partner, needs to travel far and wide, but had a fear of flying, so much so, she would drive from the UK to all parts of Europe rather than sitting on that plane. We worked together, and when the time came, went to Gatwick, where she and her partner booked a flight to Barcelona. Lynda sent the card on the left and says,
"Many thanks for your help. 2 hours with you undid 20 years of fear...even managed to eat the food and look out of the window."

6 Flying

I had a great time in Rome and an uneventful journey on the plane!

I have spoken about what you did for me to many people. The churning in my stomach did not appear again during the last few days before I flew, nor on the plane... I was OK all the time I was over there...Thank you so much. Susan Board

7 Flying

Julie was referred to me as she had a deep phobia of flying, and she was due to get married in Cyprus at the end of September 2002. Julie and her husband to be, family and friends were all going to fly to Cyprus, along with Julie's mother, who also had a phobia of flying.

I worked with both Julie and her mother together on the 24th September, and the next day they all flew out to Cyprus, without any fear or worry, to have the best wedding they could imagine. On the way home Julie said that the flight experienced turbulence but she still had no problems.

8 Flying and Mice

Noreen from Ireland had a fear of mice. We met in a London hotel, and we work together whilst her husband looked on. As we worked, she told me of her fear of flying, so that was added in too. When we finished, I gave her a toy mouse running around in a round plastic globe. At first glance she did not like the idea, but then she took the present and called him Phill. A few days later she told me she enjoyed the flight back to Ireland, and has been to her local pet shop.

9 Snakes

A lady attended an NLPNOW PhotoReading course recently in London. Her name is Lynne. Now she has a fantastic personality, humour that was quick and sharp, studying for an accountancy qualification, no hang-ups. She completed the PhotoReading course with the others, and at the end of the evening, we were all chatting, when someone said that I could get rid of phobias. Lynne turned to me and said that I would not get rid of hers.

Someone said, "I bet it's spiders".

Lynne said with a smile on her face, "No".

Then someone said, "It must be snakes".

At that point she went into a near flaming phobic response, jumped back two steps, went red, and started to go into the fetal position, a sure sign of a deep phobia. Just the word promotes the phobia.

I asked if she would like to get rid of that phobia, and she agreed. Within four (4) minutes the work was done, and the mention of the word "snakes" did not provoke any form of reaction.

Does she like snakes? No.

Now, when she see a picture of a snake, or when she goes ten pin bowling with her friends, especially the one that wears a shirt with a snake printed on it, she has no reaction at all.

10 Driving

John contacted me to say that he could not drive on a motorway, nor could he have a passenger he did not know without breaking out into a cold sweat. After working together for about an hour, John took me for a ride in his Saab car, out on to the M25 motorway orbiting London.

11 Driving, Sleeping and Migraine.

I have been meaning to drop you a line for ages to catch you up on progress since we met.

The driving is significantly better, I have not yet ventured onto a motorway but have gained much more confidence on other roads and it is only a matter of doing it now! I have changed the car for a gorgeous brand new Volkswagen Beetle and that is a dream to drive. It is great fun having to watch my speed rather than wish I could drive faster.

Work is as busy as ever although I had a fortnight off recently which included a long weekend in France on the back of a motorbike (including the M25 here in the UK). First time ever I have been on a bike so full marks for confidence, I reckon. It has helped facing roads in a car since - it makes me wish I was on a bike!

Had a couple of my monthly migraines since we met, although I recall you saying that NLP had no magic formula for them. I believe they have lessened in number helped by my sleep patterns being almost back to normal.

I hope you are well and as busy as ever. I will let you know the big day when the motorway is conquered. I don't feel I cannot do it, more I have not had the chance to.

Kind regards.... Jane

12 Eating

A number of people have seen Phillip with eating disorders, including those with Anorexia and Bulimia. I will not give names or details, but two broad examples.

A mother was referred to me, as her daughter had an eating disorder. I arranged to see her, only on the condition that we would have a tea party after our work.

We worked for a while, and then had a party. Her medical support team later asked what I had done, as they had been working with her for four and a half years, and got no where, and I worked with her for two hours and made changes.

Another young lady could not pass a sweet or cake shop without buying chocolate or cream cakes. Her weight was a big problem to her and her partner.

We worked together, and walked down into her village, (I seem to recall it had some connection with Sir Winston Churchill), and I needed so read something on the train back to London, so I sent her to buy a newspaper, she walked straight passed the sweet counter, and I knew I would be hungry on the train, so she brought me some sandwiches from the cake shop without a glance to the cream cakes.

Does this work last? Yes.

13 Fear of Leaving the House.

Sue had not been out of the town of Dorking for a couple of years. We worked together in their pleasant mews house. What amazed Sue was that even their cat who does not like strangers, relaxed on my lap. When the time came, Sue and her partner took me to Leatherhead train station, the first time out of Dorking for years.

14 Behaviour in Children

John is a young boy that was disruptive and had problems at school and home. Since working with him, his mother sent this email:-

I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how things have been. So far things have been very, very good and getting better. Everyone is commenting how pleasant John is - he doesn't get upset any where near as much and its much milder when he does.

He has become a more content and happier little boy.

So, all in all quite a dramatic conversion and success story.

Thank you again for everything you have done for John, I can't begin to tell you what a relief it is to see him so much more content and happy.

With warm regards

15 Smoking

Many people contact me for help to stop smoking. Do you know that patches are only 7 per cent effective, (source Professor of Toxicology, specialising in Nicotine.)

Typically Michelle and Stephanie were heavy smokers, and wanted to quit the habit. My first question is, do you really want to give up? Once they had agreed that they did, it was over. We worked for under an hour, and they have not smoked for months. The added bonus is, that they have found a new positive alternative to the old habit. They have not told me what it is, but they look so radiant these days. Visit the stop smoking page for more information.

16 Learning and Education.

I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help that you gave for opening my mind to learning.

I have now finished all my exams for this semester which included math, English, design and Australian studies and although it's too early to have the results back felt that I had given all subjects my best shot. I entered each exam room with a relaxed, open and confident mind all thanks to you. The day before the math exam (Monday - the day landed back in Sydney), I had a tutorial and almost cried at how easy it was for me to understand the information given to revise.

So thank you again.... Marcia Swaby

17 Dogs.

I don't know if you remember me, but I was your air hostess on the way back from Shanghai (think it was Shanghai?  All the trips mould into one after a while!!)  I have been meaning to write to you for ages, to thank you for helping me with my fear of dogs.  When I got home I told my mum about it and she said, oh that's good, because I forgot to tell you we are spending 4 days over Christmas with three dogs, 2 Alsatians and a cocker spaniel!!!  Well for a few weeks I went looking to see if I could find dogs to see if I was still petrified, and couldn't see any!!!!  Typical!!!  So Christmas was my first experience, but i was absolutely fine and fell absolutely in love with the cocker spaniel!  Also I'm not sure if I mentioned to you that I am doing a trek round Cuba for charity, but whilst I've been training I have come across lots of dogs unleashed and not only am I not scared anymore, I think they are cute!!  I would have never even dreamed that before!  I cannot thank you enough for everything! 

Thank You! 

I have been doing very well since seeing you, so thank you.

 The day was extremely enjoyable, and I look forward to attending one of your courses some time in the future. You gave me lots of advise and help, over and above what you needed to.

This information has helped me become more clear about my own expectations working as a partner. Most of all I feel lucky to have worked on my beliefs on academic challenges and see the results of someone who changed their abilities within learning. This was really inspiring. Now, it makes the idea of study over a few years an exciting thought instead of a daunting one.

Many, Many thanks again

Your happy customer!!!! Neville


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