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Phobias on BBC television in the month of July 2000, showed people who had said that they had a phobia, one for heights, another for dogs, one for mice, and another for feathers.

They showed different methods for overcoming that phobia, and to me, put the clients through hell. Why make a person experience fear in overcoming the phobia when it can be relaxing and fun?

With NLP, a phobia can be overcome in less than one hour. No side effects? Yes, why not good ones?

It is said that if you take away a phobia, then another will take its' place. Great, why not substitute the old phobia with something good to have. A better sex life, better sports, or just to enjoy life.

Phillip Holt has worked with many people to cure the phobia or fear that has been with them for many years, stopping them leaving their home or town, allowing them to hold a spider, snake or mouse, fly to their dream destination, gain the confidence to take that exam, or present that talk or speech without the fear that once stopped them. Call Phillip on (UK) 0845 130 62 13, or send an email request.

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Phillip will travel to you. Often clients referred to Phillip Holt, cannot travel due to many reasons, perhaps work, perhaps family, perhaps health. Let Phillip come to you now.

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How can NLP help you?

Here are some true stories, but in the normal way the identities of the characters have been changed.

George is a hard working computer expert, who had risen to being head of his department supporting the company’s computer users.

The strain of being continually on-call to answer users problems began to tell. He got home, and found the only way to relax was to drink a bottle of wine each night. His family relationships began to suffer, because they tried to comfort him, help relax him, and stop him drinking.

Phillip saw George one day, and George realising he had problems, asked if there was anything that he could do. They talked for a while, about anything that came into the conversation. Phillip went to work.

Forty minutes later, Phillip and George went their separate ways, but to this day, George has not had the need to have another drink of wine. He knows he can have a social drink with friends or colleagues, but that is as far as it goes. His work has improved, and his family life is so much better.

Alan had a problem with shape of his eyeballs, and needed rigid glass contact lenses to correct this defect. The problem was that Alan had an aversion to putting the lenses in.

Alan was put in touch with Phillip, and a meeting arranged. Within the hour, Alan put the contact lenses in without a flinch. But, he kept looking in the mirror, saying that the there must be something wrong. Phillip looked and saw that the lenses were in correct, and asked Alan if he could see out of the window, which he could with all clarity.

Alan had never experienced putting his lenses in without difficulty before, so this was a new experience to him. To this day he still wears his contact lenses with ease.


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For a number of years, Phillip Holt has assisted, studied, taught and practised NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) with the premier supplier of training in the UK, McKenna Breen Ltd, and NLP's co creator, Dr. Richard Bandler. He has provided consultancy, training and personal development to business, organisations, teams and individuals world-wide. Get more from NLPNOW.

The wealth of knowledge gained from Paul McKenna, Michael Breen , Dr. Richard Bandler, and John LaValle, and Phillip Holt's vast experience of life and business from around the world, can only give you the expertise you are looking for now with enthusiasm, humour and dedication.