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Call (UK) 07973 178602 or 0845 130 6213 for more information.


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You can use Just-Dial from your mobile phone too - giving you massive savings compared to international mobile tariffs.

With some mobile tariffs UK National (0870) calls are bundled with your free minutes package - and some service providers bundle 0844 calls too!

Just make sure that you check rates with your mobile service provider before making your calls.

Orange 0800 80 10 80
mmO2  08705 214 000
One 2 One / T-Mobile- 08454 121 121
Virgin- 0845 6000 789

To find out the cost of calling from a UK mobile, or a non BT landline, you should confirm the rates directly with your service provider as these may vary.



quick, simple and cheap telephone calls

access telephone numbers


NO Account to open

NO Credit card needed

NO Pin number to remember or key in

NO Extra bill to pay

Easy steps to follow

Dial the access national rate telephone number for the country.


Add the telephone number required including the country code.


Talk, and never pay International call charges again.


Compare prices by clicking here.


What are the special rate numbers?


For international telephone numbers, dial


The price of a national call

Access number 0870 794 9771 (weekdays)
Access number 0844 570 9771 (weekend 5p)

Athens; Australia; Austria; Bangkok; Belgium; Brazil; Brazil Rio De Janeiro; Brazil Rio De Janeiro & Sao Paulo; Brazil Sao Paulo; Brazil Sao Paulo & Rio De Janeiro; Canada; Canada, Mobile; Chile; China; China, Mobile; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Greece Athens; Hong Kong; Hong Kong, Mobile; Iceland; Indonesia Jakarta; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Jakarta; Japan; Korea South; Liechtenstein; Liechtenstein, Mobile; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Moscow; Netherlands; New Zealand; Nigeria Lagos; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Puerto Rico, Mobile; Rio De Janeiro or Sao Paulo; Russia; Russia Moscow; Russia Moscow, Mobile; Russia, Mobile; Sao Paulo; Sao Paulo or Rio De Janeiro; Singapore; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan; Thailand Bangkok; US Virgin Islands; US Virgin Islands, Mobile; USA; USA, Mobile;

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10p per minute
Access number 0871 570 9452

Andorra; Argentina Buenos Aires; Bangalore; Bangalore, Bombay, Delhi, Madras, Hyderabad; Bangladesh Dhaka; Bombay; Buenos Aires; Chile, Mobile; Cocos Island; Cocos Island, Mobile; Czech Republic; Delhi; Faeroe Islands; Faeroe Islands, Mobile; Ghana; Gibraltar; Guam; Guam, Mobile; Hungary; Hyderabad; India; India, Mobile; Indonesia; Iran; Iran Tehran; Israel, Mobile; Istanbul; Japan, Mobile; Kiev; Lima; Macao; Macao, Mobile; Madras; Malaysia, Mobile; Mexico City; Mexico Mexico City; Monaco; Peru Lima; San Marino; San Marino, Mobile; Singapore, Mobile; Slovakia; Taiwan, Mobile; Tehran; Turkey Istanbul; Ukraine Kiev; Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe, Mobile;

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15p per minute
Access number 0905 306 9428

Algeria; Algeria, Mobile; American Samoa; American Samoa, Mobile; Argentina; Argentina Buenos Aires, Mobile; Argentina, Mobile; Bahamas; Bahamas, Mobile; Bangladesh; Bangladesh, Mobile; Bermuda; Bermuda, Mobile; Botswana; Botswana, Mobile; Brazil, Mobile; Brunei; Brunei, Mobile; Bulgaria; Caracas; Colombia; Colombia, Mobile; Costa Rica; Costa Rica, Mobile; Croatia; Dominican Republic; Estonia, Mobile; Georgia; Georgia, Mobile; Ghana, Mobile; Greece, Mobile; Guadeloupe; Iceland, Mobile; Indonesia, Mobile; Iran, Mobile; Jamaica; Jamaica, Mobile; Korea South, Mobile; Malawi; Malawi, Mobile; Malta; Mariana Islands; Mariana Islands, Mobile; Mexico; Monaco, Mobile; Mozambique; Mozambique, Mobile; Namibia; Namibia, Mobile; Nigeria; Nigeria, Mobile; Paraguay Asuncion; Peru; Philippines; Philippines, Mobile; Portugal, Mobile; Saint Pierre; Saint Pierre, Mobile; Slovenia; Sri Lanka; Swaziland; Swaziland, Mobile; Thailand; Thailand Bangkok, Mobile; Thailand, Mobile; Turkey; Turkey Istanbul, Mobile; Turkey, Mobile; Ukraine; Ukraine Kiev, Mobile; Ukraine, Mobile; Venezuela Caracas;

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20p per minute
Access number 0905 257 9272

Albania; Albania, Mobile; Andorra, Mobile; Angola; Angola, Mobile; Aruba; Aruba, Mobile; Azerbaijan; Azerbaijan, Mobile; Bhutan; Bhutan, Mobile; British Virgin Island; British Virgin Island, Mobile; Burundi; Burundi, Mobile; Cayman Islands; Cayman Islands, Mobile; Christmas Island; Christmas Island, Mobile; Cyprus; Cyprus North, Mobile; Cyprus, Mobile; Czech Republic, Mobile; Denmark, Mobile; Ecuador; El Salvador; El Salvador, Mobile; Finland, Mobile; French Antilles; French Antilles, Mobile; French Guiana; French Guiana, Mobile; Gabon Republic; Gabon Republic, Mobile; Germany, Mobile; Greece Athens, Mobile; Guadeloupe, Mobile; Guinea; Guinea, Mobile; Indonesia Jakarta, Mobile; Ireland, Mobile; Ivory Coast; Kazakhstan; Kazakhstan, Mobile; Kuwait; Latvia; Latvia, Mobile; Lesotho; Lesotho, Mobile; Libya; Libya, Mobile; Lithuania; Lithuania, Mobile; Malta, Mobile; Mayotte Island; Mayotte Island, Mobile; Mexico Mexico City, Mobile; Mexico, Mobile; Moldova; Moldova, Mobile; Netherlands Antilles; Netherlands Antilles, Mobile; Norway, Mobile; Pakistan; Pakistan, Mobile; Papua New Guinea; Papua New Guinea, Mobile; Poland, Mobile; Romania; Romania, Mobile; Rwanda; Rwanda, Mobile; Serbia and Montenegro; Serbia and Montenegro, Mobile; Slovakia, Mobile; South Africa, Mobile; Sri Lanka, Mobile; Tokelau; Tokelau, Mobile; Trinidad and Tobago; Trinidad and Tobago, Mobile; Uganda; Uganda, Mobile; UK, Mobile; Zambia; Zambia, Mobile

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25p per minute
Access number 0905 474 8358

Anguilla; Anguilla, Mobile; Armenia; Armenia, Mobile; Australia, Mobile; Austria, Mobile; Bahrain; Barbados; Barbados, Mobile; Belarus; Belarus, Mobile; Belgium, Mobile; Belize; Belize, Mobile; Benin; Benin, Mobile; Bosnia and Herz.; Bosnia and Herz., Mobile; Bulgaria, Mobile; Cape Verde Island; Cape Verde Island, Mobile; Central African Rep; Central African Rep, Mobile; Cochabamba; Congo; Congo, Mobile; Croatia, Mobile; Ecuador, Mobile; France, Mobile; Gambia; Gambia, Mobile; Guatemala; Guatemala, Mobile; Hungary, Mobile; Italy, Mobile; Ivory Coast, Mobile; Jordan; Kuwait, Mobile; Kyrgyzstan; Liberia; Liberia, Mobile; Macedonia; Macedonia, Mobile; Nepal; Nepal, Mobile; Netherlands, Mobile; New Zealand, Mobile; Nicaragua; Nicaragua, Mobile; Niger Republic; Niger Republic, Mobile; Panama; Panama, Mobile; Paraguay; Paraguay Asuncion, Mobile; Paraguay, Mobile; Reunion Island; Reunion Island, Mobile; Saint Lucia; Saint Lucia, Mobile; Santa Cruz; Sierra Leone; Sierra Leone, Mobile; Spain, Mobile; Sweden, Mobile; Tajikstan; Tunisia; Tunisia, Mobile; Turkmenistan; Turkmenistan, Mobile; United Arab Emirates; United Arab Emirates, Mobile; Uruguay; Uruguay, Mobile; Uzbekistan; Uzbekistan, Mobile;

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35p per minute
Access number 0905 032 5913

Antartica; Antartica, Mobile; Antigua; Antigua, Mobile; Bahrain, Mobile; Bolivia; Bolivia, Mobile; Burkina Faso; Burkina Faso, Mobile; Cameroon; Cameroon, Mobile; Chad Republic; Chad Republic, Mobile; Comoros; Comoros, Mobile; Cuba Guantanamo; Dem Rep Of Congo; Dem Rep Of Congo, Mobile; Djibouti; Djibouti, Mobile; Dominica; Dominica, Mobile; Dominican Republic, Mobile; Egypt; Egypt, Mobile; Equatorial Guinea; Equatorial Guinea, Mobile; French Polynesia; French Polynesia, Mobile; Gibraltar, Mobile; Grenada; Grenada, Mobile; Haiti; Haiti, Mobile; Jordan, Mobile; Kenya; Kenya, Mobile; Laos; Laos, Mobile; Lebanon; Lebanon, Mobile; Luxembourg, Mobile; Madagascar; Madagascar, Mobile; Mali Republic; Mali Republic, Mobile; Mauritania; Mauritania, Mobile; Mauritius; Mauritius, Mobile; Montserrat; Montserrat, Mobile; Morocco; Morocco, Mobile; Nigeria Lagos, Mobile; Oman; Oman, Mobile; Palau; Palau, Mobile; Peru, Mobile; Qatar; Rodriguez Islands; Rodriguez Islands, Mobile; Saint Kitts; Saint Kitts, Mobile; Saint Vincent; Saint Vincent, Mobile; Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia, Mobile; Senegal Republic; Seychelles; Seychelles, Mobile; Slovenia, Mobile; Sudan; Sudan, Mobile; Switzerland, Mobile; Tajikstan, Mobile; Tanzania; Tanzania, Mobile; Togo; Togo, Mobile; Turks and Caicos; Turks and Caicos, Mobile; Venezuela; Venezuela Caracas, Mobile; Venezuela, Mobile; Western Samoa; Western Samoa, Mobile;

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50p per minute
Access number 0905 091 5792

Bangladesh Dhaka, Mobile; Cambodia; Cambodia, Mobile; East Timor; Fiji Islands; Fiji Islands, Mobile; Greenland; Greenland, Mobile; Guinea Bissau; Guinea Bissau, Mobile; Honduras; Honduras, Mobile; Korea North; Korea North, Mobile; Kyrgyzstan, Mobile; Maldives; Maldives, Mobile; Marshall Island; Marshall Island, Mobile; Myanmar; Myanmar, Mobile; New Caledonia; New Caledonia, Mobile; Qatar, Mobile; Senegal Republic, Mobile; Somalia; Somalia, Mobile; Syria; Syria, Mobile; Wallis and Futuna; Wallis and Futuna, Mobile;

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60p per minute
Access number 0905 152 5729

Ascension Island; Ascension Island, Mobile; Ethiopia; Ethiopia, Mobile; Guyana; Guyana, Mobile; Kiribati; Kiribati, Mobile; Saint Helena; Saint Helena, Mobile; Tonga Islands; Tonga Islands, Mobile; Yemen; Yemen, Mobile;

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75p per minute
Access number 0905 074 5716

Cook Islands; Cook Islands, Mobile; Eritrea; Eritrea, Mobile; Falkland Islands; Falkland Islands, Mobile; Iraq; Iraq, Mobile; Mongolia; Mongolia, Mobile; Niue; Niue, Mobile; Sao Tome; Solomon Islands; Solomon Islands, Mobile; Suriname; Suriname, Mobile; Tuvalu; Tuvalu, Mobile; Vanuatu; Vanuatu, Mobile;

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1 per minute
Access number 0905 107 5720

Afghanistan; Afghanistan, Mobile; Cuba; Cuba Guantanamo, Mobile; Cuba, Mobile; Micronesia; Micronesia, Mobile; Nauru; Nauru, Mobile; Sao Tome, Mobile; Vietnam; Vietnam, Mobile;

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The cost of each telephone number called for your destination.

0870 794 9771  National rate
0844 570 9771  5p wkd/eve
0871 570 9452  10p
0905 306 9428  15p
0905 257 9272  20p
0905 474 8358  25p
0905 032 5913  35p
0905 091 5792  50p
0905 152 5729  60p
0905 074 5716  75p
0905 107 5720  1